In these very difficult times Unistream is with Those in need in the transition from loss and devastation to hope and restoration
Meet Unistream

Unistream has been working for two decades to ensure that every child in the State of Israel – including those in its periphery – has equal opportunities in life. We enable youth in Israel's geographic and socioeconomic periphery to unlock their hidden potential and acquire professional and life skills that will contribute to their future success. We provide young people with entrepreneurial tools, which they can leverage to turn a dream into a business plan – all while expanding their horizons and providing inspiration from various spheres of innovation, enabling them to create new solutions, and effect change in the world.

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Our Vision

Unistream works to promote innovative, entrepreneurial, and technological thinking among youth from the periphery, with the aim of providing equal opportunities to all, reducing socioeconomic disparity, and transforming the periphery into the engine of growth driving the State of Israel.

By providing entrepreneurship education and developing innovative thinking among youth in Israel's geographic and socioeconomic periphery, Unistream works to reduce socioeconomic disparity, ensure equal opportunities for all, and create personal impact. The personal, social, and national change that Unistream is promoting will drive the growth of Israel's future economy and ensure the prosperity of every sector of Israeli society.

  • 200
  • 3500
    Youth Participants Each Year
  • 22
    Entrepreneurship Centers
  • 85
    Municipalities in Israel
  • 4500
News and Updates
  • Unistream is profoundly shaken by the heinous terrorist attack and stands in solidarity with the people of Israel, offering unwavering support to all its residents.

    We are proud to launch the new class of LeaderShift, in partnership with Bank Hapoalim, which enables Unistream graduates from the socio-geographic periphery to develop leadership skills and strengthen their influence on the environment.
    24 graduates from all across the country participate in the current program - Julis, Hadera, Netanya, Be'er Sheva, Akko, Eilat, Rahat, Tirat HaCarmel, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Peki'in. For the first time in LeaderShift, 4 graduates from the international NFTE program from Tel Aviv and Peki'in are participating. The LeaderShift program takes place within our alumni community - CommUnistream, sponsored by Bank Hapoalim.
    We are excited about the new path we will pave together with our program participants and wish them a lot of success ahead!

  • Kiryat Shmona and Eastern Galilee Entrepreneurship Center participants took part in a special group seminar

    The participants of the Kiryat Shmona and Eastern Galilee Entrepreneurship Center in partnership with the Tnuva Group and the Jewish Federation of Vancouver, who were evacuated and are now scattered all over the country, packed their bags, gathered together, and with great excitement went to an experiential and educational seminar at Dor Beach! During the seminar, the group continued to work on the project "Sp"l - closing educational gaps" - with which they won the "Fostering Hope" hackathon designed to provide solutions to the problems that arise as a result of the war.

    Thanks to Tnuva group, the Jewish Federation of Vancouver and Marvell Israel company for the cooperation and support.

    We are proud of you and happy to see you together again!

  • The Unistream organization wishes for the return of all the hostages and the safe return of all the IDF soldiers who are protecting all of us
The Unistream Business Community

Under the close guidance of about 4,700 leading mentors, businesspeople, and entrepreneurs, Unistream youth participants establish start-up companies and develop business ventures while still in high school. They acquire business, financial, and technological skills, gain qualities of leadership and excellence, and learn the values of community development and personal empowerment – all of which enables them to recalibrate their life trajectories and make meaningful strides forward as thriving and productive citizens.

We invite you to take part in the transformation and to help shape the next generation of entrepreneurs!

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