Promoting innovative, entrepreneurial, and technological thinking throughout Israel's periphery to provide equal opportunities to all and reduce socioeconomic disparity
Meet Unistream

Unistream has been working for two decades to ensure that every child in the State of Israel – including those in its periphery – has equal opportunities in life. We enable youth in Israel's geographic and socioeconomic periphery to unlock their hidden potential and acquire professional and life skills that will contribute to their future success. We provide young people with entrepreneurial tools, which they can leverage to turn a dream into a business plan – all while expanding their horizons and providing inspiration from various spheres of innovation, enabling them to create new solutions, and effect change in the world.

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Our Vision

Unistream works to promote innovative, entrepreneurial, and technological thinking among underprivileged youth, with the aim of providing equal opportunities to all, reducing socioeconomic disparity, and transforming the periphery into the engine of growth driving the State of Israel.

By providing entrepreneurship education and developing innovative thinking among youth in Israel's geographic and socioeconomic periphery, Unistream works to reduce  socioeconomic disparity, ensure equal opportunities for all, and create personal impact. The personal, social, and national change that Unistream is promoting will drive the growth of Israel's future economy and ensure the prosperity of every sector of Israeli society.

  • 200
  • 3500
    Youth Participants Each Year
  • 22
    Entrepreneurship Centers
  • 85
    Municipalities in Israel
  • 4500
News and Updates
  • Minister of the Economy Amir Peretz has launched the new Entrepreneurship Center in Rahat

    Minister Peretz recently toured Rahat to launch the new Unistream Entrepreneurship Center established in the city, in cooperation with the local authority and the authority for development and settlement of the Bedouin in the Negev. The center in Rahat is Unistream's third  center in the Negev region, together with the centers in Segev Shalom and Abu Karinat, which are visited by hundreds of youth participants every week.

    The event was also attended by Chairman and Founder of Unistream Rony Zarom, Director General at Governmental Beduim authority Yair Maayan, Mayor of Rahat Faiz Abu Sahiban, Director of the Bedouin and Community Division of the Bedouin Authority Ottman Abu Agag, Unistream's CEO Assaf Weiss and more.

  • Unistream and Bank Hapoalim's Good Deeds Day

    over 160 employees of Bank Hapoalim chose to volunteer at Unistream as part of the Good Deeds Day that took place on March 16th. The employees of the bank served as advisors and judges at the NFTE "unveiling" event and in dozens of GO / NOGO committees, in which our youth participants presented them with ideas for their ventures and received excellent advices from them about which ideas they should continue to develop into groundbreaking ventures

  • New collaboration between Unistream and ICON, founded by Yasmin Lukatz

    As part of a unique unique collaboration between Unistream and Icon, our youth participants from Netivot and Kiryat Malakhi, will be accompanied by senior high-tech executives straight from Silicon Valley in San Francisco. During the international sessions, which will occur online, the high-tech executives will advise the youth participants on how to development their groundbreaking ventures.

Made in Unistream
  • MealPrep

    The winning venture in the third-year category of the “Entrepreneur of the Year” 2020 Competition that earned the group the title of “Israel's Next Entrepreneur”.

    MealPrep is an app that offers quick and healthy recipes based on the products you have at home at any given time.

    The Ted and Hedy z"l Orden and Family Unistream Entrepreneurship Center, Or Yehuda
  • Bajo Flask

    The winning venture in the second-year category of the “Entrepreneur of the Year” 2020 Competition

    This reusable water bottle is made of biodegradable, organic materials, offering a cost-effective alternative to disposable plastic bottles that contribute to the global issue of plastic marine pollution.

    Unistream Entrepreneurship Center, Julis
  • Sleep Safe

    This venture was in the Start Up Now category of the “Entrepreneur of the Year” 2020

    A pillowcase made of smart fabric with sensors for measuring vital signs during sleep. This product was developed to address the need to monitor vitals during sleep and maintain safe sleep.

    “Amirim” School Group, Kfar Vradim
  • HearMeNow

    An app that uses artificial intelligence to translate sign language into a spoken word.

    The venture is aimed primarily at the hearing impaired, and its goal is to enable this population to better integrate into broader society by empowering them to operate independently without a hearing companion who knows sign language.


    Unistream Zefat Entrepreneurship Center in collaboration with Amal Educational Network

    An integrated ignition system that prevents  drunk drivers from starting vehicles. The system is based on two infrared technologies that perform an alcohol test on the driver's and verify the test. The test is conducted in the background in less than a second and does not require the driver to do anything other than place their finger on a dedicated button.

    ICON Unistream Entrepreneurship Center, Netivot
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The Unistream Business Community

Under the close guidance of about 4,700 leading mentors, businesspeople, and entrepreneurs, Unistream youth participants establish start-up companies and develop business ventures while still in high school. They acquire business, financial, and technological skills, gain qualities of leadership and excellence, and learn the values of community development and personal empowerment – all of which enables them to recalibrate their life trajectories and make meaningful strides forward as thriving and productive citizens.

We invite you to take part in the transformation and to help shape the next generation of entrepreneurs!