A Word from the Chairman and CEO

From the Chairman and Founder—Rony Zarom

I am so proud and excited to introduce you to the future leaders of Israel. Today you’ll meet them in our Unistream groups, and tomorrow—in leading positions of influence in Israel.

Unistream was founded from an understanding that the most effective way to help youth from underserved populations is to develop a new generation of business and social leaders who will rise out of these same populations and remain committed to improving economic and social conditions in their communities.
As a successful businessman from one of these low-income communities, I am all too familiar with the barriers and difficulties that young people face – from the struggles to fund their education to the atmosphere of despair and hopelessness they absorb from their surroundings. I got lucky. Now it’s their turn.
When I look at the impressive youth Unistream has engaged and think about the long journey they have made with us, and about their personal commitment to stand up and make a change, I am filled with pride. I can already envision how this change will affect their future and the lives of so many people around them.

Unistream is built and sustained by the passion of its volunteers. With the support of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts in various fields – people with a social conscience and a desire to give to those who are ready to receive – we make Unistream’s programs accessible to thousands of youth, opening the door to a bright future for them that will shine back over us and over the entire country.

I call on you to join us and support Unistream’s commitment to the young leadership of our country.

Rony Zarom

From the CEO — Ifat Bechor

Dear Friends,

For over two decades, Unistream’s activities have had a tremendous effect on social change in Israel.

The events of recent years have emphasized the need for us to learn how to make the most of the shadow of uncertainty and be open to quick adaptions and change our habits. To continue to be productive despite the challenges that we face, we have been required to be resilient and creative in our thoughts, actions, and collaborations.  Personally, and above all, this period has strengthened the importance of community and mutual assistance, as well as the understanding that our actions and the society around us have tremendous significance in impacting our quality of life and that of our children today and in the future.

The Unistream community is an amazing inspiration for this positive achievement, having a social impact throughout Israel and worldwide in all its realms of activity. Unistream provides youth with tools for thinking and doing business based on values ​​and giving and relevant professional connections to grow and dream big by building innovative ventures. It has been said: “Even if we make mistakes sometimes, or progress slowly on certain issues, we will still get ahead of those who never try.” Every change we make opens the door to possibilities that even we cannot imagine – and this fact alone inspires us to dare, persevere, cope… and succeed.

I invite you to take part in the fantastic work of the Unistream family. The beauty is that each one of you has a place to give and receive, to teach and to learn, from the amazing work of the organization and its partners-Unistream participants and their families, our alumni community, mentors and business partners, philanthropists and public and government bodies, and of course the growing global community in action and collaboration.

Together we will bring about a more egalitarian reality, environmentally friendly, crossing borders and ways of thinking, for a better future.


Ifat Bechor

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