A Word from the Chairman and CEO

From the Chairman and Founder—Rony Zarom

I am so proud and excited to introduce you to the future leaders of Israel. Today you’ll meet them in our Unistream groups, and tomorrow—in leading positions of influence in Israel.

Unistream was founded from an understanding that the most effective way to help youth from underserved populations is to develop a new generation of business and social leaders who will rise out of these same populations and remain committed to improving economic and social conditions in their communities.
As a successful businessman from one of these low-income communities, I am all too familiar with the barriers and difficulties that young people face – from the struggles to fund their education to the atmosphere of despair and hopelessness they absorb from their surroundings. I got lucky. Now it's their turn.
When I look at the impressive youth Unistream has engaged and think about the long journey they have made with us, and about their personal commitment to stand up and make a change, I am filled with pride. I can already envision how this change will affect their future and the lives of so many people around them.

Unistream is built and sustained by the passion of its volunteers. With the support of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts in various fields – people with a social conscience and a desire to give to those who are ready to receive – we make Unistream's programs accessible to thousands of youth, opening the door to a bright future for them that will shine back over us and over the entire country.

I call on you to join us and support Unistream's commitment to the young leadership of our country.

Rony Zarom

From the CEO—Assaf Weiss

This year has been one of the most challenging ever for Unistream's youth, as the pandemic has affected every aspect of their lives: personal, family, financial, and so on. Despite the personal and financial difficulties, however, Unistream's youth participants never gave up, and have continued in recent months to tirelessly promote their business and social ventures. They have overcome great adversity and even reached new heights of success in the business and personal spheres. To me, their spirit of entrepreneurship and ability to rally symbolize the spirit of Israeli society as a whole: a society that sees a challenge and stands ready to face it.

Unistream's youth participants come from all over the country, north to south, and from across the spectrum of Israeli society. Together with Unistream's robust business community, we work to empower young people to believe in themselves, to develop skills for entrepreneurship and innovation, and realize their dreams, all while acquiring advanced employment skills that will help them succeed in life in a big way. In its 20 years of operation, Unistream has touched the lives of thousands of Israeli youth and young adults, becoming a part of exciting and inspiring success stories and creating a culture of innovation in communities throughout Israel's periphery. These successes add up to comprehensive socioeconomic change and create real impact – personal, economic, and national.

Even today, thousands of Unistream graduates and youth participants make up a powerful force, propelling Israel forward and leading the country's periphery toward a position at the forefront of Israeli innovation and entrepreneurship. We invite you to connect with the spirit of innovation that is alive and growing in the periphery and to join the amazing work of Unistream's youth participants – tomorrow's leaders – who will be at the helm of Israeli society in the years to come.


Assaf Weiss