Business Community

The Unistream Business Community is one of the pillars of the organization’s activities.

Strong partnerships and unmediated encounters with businesspeople and entrepreneurs allow youth and young adults to hear first-hand about the journeys of entrepreneurs and senior managers, including their difficulties and triumphs; these stories inspire them to dream big and pave the way to personal and professional success.

The youth participants enjoy direct contact with the business mentors and gain useful professional tools from the business and entrepreneurial spheres. Some of our partners also serve as advisers and business mentors for the youth participants, training and mentoring them in the development of their business ventures and guiding them as they undergo this important process.

The other beneficiaries of the program are the volunteer businesspeople and entrepreneurs who get to be part of creating significant socioeconomic change in Israel. This is a rare opportunity for them to meet young people from different sectors and places around the country, to share their personal and professional knowledge and experience, and to impact the youth participants’ development and futures. In addition to the professional knowledge they share with the youth participants, they contribute the added values of social activism, a sense of satisfaction, and setting an example for the younger generation.

There are a variety of options for participating in our business community:

– Leading professional workshops in different areas of business administration

– Business mentoring – mentoring a group of youth participants as they develop their business ventures

– One-on-one professional mentoring – personally mentoring youth participants who hold positions in their group (management, marketing, human resources, production, and finance)

– Hosting youth participants at companies and factories

– A company “adopting” a Unistream entrepreneurship center

We invite you to join us, and the hundreds of companies and businesspeople who are partners in our activities, in taking responsibility for the next generation of leaders in Israel.

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