Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

A three-year program that provides youth from Israel’s geographical and socioeconomic periphery with the tools and knowledge they need to enter the worlds of business, social, and technological entrepreneurship.

An intensive three-year program designed for teens in grades nine through eleven. As part of the program, they are exposed to entrepreneurship and high-tech, establish a start-up companies, and develop business ventures while still in high school, and lead significant social entrepreneurship in your community. Along the way they acquire knowledge, skills, and practical experience, and become prepared to successfully meet the employment challenges of the 21st Century.

This three-year entrepreneurship program has been around for almost two decades and affords participants the unique opportunity to gain exposure to the world of business, and to experience, learn, and ultimately lead a start-up while still in high school.

The youth participating in the program undergo an in-depth process of learning and practice that lasts three years, during which they acquire tools from the worlds of business and social entrepreneurship, meet with senior members of the Business Community, and develop leadership and management skills. The program, which includes establishing a start-up and a business from the conceptual stage to the business development stage, provides knowledge and skills for success, preparing participants to enter senior positions in the world of business and entrepreneurship.

Teens receive guidance from dozens of business leaders from various fields throughout the process of developing their business ventures.

Program objectives:

1. Providing youth from Israel's geographical and socioeconomic periphery with the tools and knowledge they need to enter the realms of business, social, and technological entrepreneurship

2. Providing essential skills for the modern workplace and tools for economic and professional independence

3. Empowering the youth participants and boosting their self-efficacy

Scope of the program:

each group participates in approximately 200 hours of activities per year

Target audience:

youth in grades nine through eleven

Structure of the program:

The program is divided into Junior, Senior, and Expert years and includes annual special events and weekly meetings – approximately 50 meetings over 10 months (depending on the academic calendar).

The program is part of the Social Engagement and Personal Development Program of the Ministry of Education.

Key program milestones:

- Introduction to entrepreneurship and business administration

- Creative thinking and brainstorming

- Feasibility tests and market surveys

- Establishing a company with individual departments

- Developing a business plan

- Raising capital and pitching to potential investors in the Investment Committee

- Developing a prototype

- Social entrepreneurship project

- Preparation for adult life 

- Participating in the “Entrepreneur of the Year” competition