Pillars of Shared Society: A Springboard to a Better Future

A program aimed at promoting familiarity and cooperation between Jewish and Arab communities, by way of meetings and collaborative activities around issues of entrepreneurship and employment.

Unistream works in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to advance the values of inclusion, shared society, people-to-people conflict mitigation, and diversity. Unistream’s USAID-supported program, Pillars of Shared Society: A Springboard to a Better Future, harnesses vocational and entrepreneurship platforms and the opportunity for socioeconomic mobility as a unifying catalyst for creating a culture of mutual respect based on attitudinal and behavioral change at all levels of society. The program includes four targeted pillars designed to creatively address the pressing needs of youth, the community, and key business leaders targeting the mixed groups in the cities of Akko, Nof HaGalil, and Jaffa-Tel Aviv.

The “Living Together with Entrepreneurship and Employment” program was established to deepen familiarity and dialogue between different populations in Israel, primarily Jews and Arabs; to reduce socioeconomic disparities; and to help increase employment diversity in the Israeli economy. We bring together participants from Arab and Jewish communities, promoting familiarity, cultural competence, and professional, social, and business collaborations via collaborative activity and work centered on issues of entrepreneurship and employment.

The program operates in integrated Entrepreneurship Centers – Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Akko and Nof HaGalil – where Jewish and Arab youth work together to develop joint startups.

In addition, the program includes joint events aimed at the wider community:

– Regional community events – multicultural meetings with community leaders about working toward a shared society using entrepreneurship and business issues.

– Business community events – multicultural professional meetings with employers and academics about promoting employment diversity.

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